COBRE Y ALEACIONES ESCOCIA S.A. is a company dedicated to manufacture and sale of copper rod, oxygen free high conductivity (OFHC) and special alloys.

Our company began operations in 1998 and has since sold its products mainly in Latin America and Southeast Asia, in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Japan, Paraguay, Venezuela, Thailand and Vietnam.

Its customers include leading wire and cables manufacturers and, electric motors and electronic equipment.
The mission statement is based on shared values such as excellence, innovation and business ethics. We believe in working efficiently and responsibly always seeking personal growth and group. We want to be innovative and creative in what we do.

This is how we understand it is not sufficient to comply with the rules applicable to our products. We strive daily to obtain the highest possible quality achieved, for example, conduct on our products that exceed the standard consistently. For this we use only top quality raw materials and maintain strict control over our processes.
Our business philosophy is based on the values we hold. Therefore manage the company in a healthy and prudent to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Our clients are of paramount importance, so we strive to meet their needs, maintaining constant communication with each of them. Taken our partners the highest importance to the contribution they can make to the development of the company, so it can grow in the way of efficiency and competitiveness. Our shareholders are those who have invested their resources in the company, so we want to give them attractive returns on investment.